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Anonymous mother, Sarajevo: My son is LGBT

June 15th, 2021|0 Comments

I was overwhelmed by drastic emotions. What should I do? Who should I share it with, who can I confide in? I was divorced, and I couldn't say anything to my son's grandparents. Over 30

The Voice of Vicinity

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#LGBT osobe u pokretu koje se nalaze u #BiH izložene su dvostrukom nasilju, diskriminaciji i rasizmu – zbog migrantskog statusa i seksualne orijentacije.


Očekujem da iz Skupštine vatrometom označe da je budzet usvojen. Jednom.

Jovana Marovic@JoMarovic

According to studies, 60% of voting-able, LGBTI+ Albanians didn’t vote in the last parliamentary elections, while 1 in 4 feel they are unrepresented by all political parties.

CRD Europe@CRDEurope

Неказнивост, говор на омраза, дискриминација на жени, Роми, ЛГБТ заедница – Амнести Интернешнел за С. Македонија

Jovan Petrov@jp_wanderer

Vakcinacija u #BiH je sporija, od njenog puta ka #EU, sad znate koliko je to sporo!!!

Srđan Puhalo@SrkiPuhalo,