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Amarildo Gutić: Public procurement and private deals

Political ‘elites’ and their preferred partner companies are mutual financiers, all due to omnipresent corruption within public procurement. On an annual basis, a third of the three billion mark fund is spent non-transparently, and the ‘well-oiled’ judiciary machine does not seem to consider this a problem worth tackling. This video is an investigative story on

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Gentina Begolli Pustina: Investigative Journalism in Kosovo

Gentina Begolli Pustina is a multiple award winning journalist of the Kosovo National Television, and has headed the Kosovo Journalists’ Association since 2018. She discusses the presence of corruption and nepotism as topics of investigative journalism in Kosovan media.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzF-NVpv9EI

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Milena Besic: Patterns and scale of discrimination in Montenegro

The past ten years have seen little change in the scale of discrimination in Montenegrin society. A third of Montenegrin citizens do not want to live in the same country as members of the LGBT population, and almost 43% do not consider LGBT individuals should hold the same rights as other citizens. Members of the

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Planting trees on National Youth and Liberty Day

The 8th of December is celebrated as a national holiday of Youth and Liberty in Albania, as student anti-dictatorship protests began on that day in 1990. Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj planted trees to commemorate this date, with the support of youth activists.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoywnKO0bgo

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Neighbourhood entrepreneurs

The Uzice Women’s Center was launched by a community textile recycling firm, and it is devoted to systemically fighting for bettering women’s position in society, especially those who are victims of violence. This video is part of a larger project, ‘Encouraging social and solidarity economy’ by the Coalition for Solidarity Economy Development, in cooperation with

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Ratko Orozovic: Life among poetry, satire, and film

Ratko Ozorovic is a renowned Bosnian director in film, TV, and theatre, as well as a literary figure. He has been creating art for over 50 years: five books, two films, hundreds of documentary films and TV shows. He discusses our times of censorship, the battle between satire and humour, aphorisms which came true, and

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Ervin Goci: Cherishing old architecture

Ervin Goci is a lecturer at the Faculty of Communications and Journalism at the University of Tirana and an urban activist who supports many social goals in Albania initiated by NGOs, activists and local movements on issues such as environmental damage and gentrification of the city. In the video, he talks about the fight to

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Marija Jovanovic: Only life can tell the tale

Marija Jovanovic is one of the coordinators in the Spectra association, and she talks about the campaign 'Only life can tell the tale', produced to mark the Transgender Day of Rememberance. They wanted to honour each of 350 murdered transgender individual in 2020, as well as many transgender people whose deaths remain undocumented. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Elnm5JCyCQM

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