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Vicinities Chronicles are open to all those who wish to share their perspectives, open up dialogue, and discuss problems – those who wish to live in a better, more stable environment.
We will be publishing six weekly stories, from across the Western Balkans, with the aim to shed light on social, political and cultural realities, testifying to this moment in time.

Lutfi Dervishi, Tirana: The hunt for small fish

There will come a day in Albania when high officials who are involved in corruption scandals will be investigated, tried and convicted. But, that day is not in the near future, as long as in the net of justice only small fish is being hunted. Lutfi Dervishi In the 125 pages of the annual report

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Branko Cecen, Belgrade: Measuring corruption

When a country fakes a battle against corruption, that virus tends to mutate very quickly and has a high death rate. Branko Cecen Last year’s Krusik Scandal was a regional one. The honest whistleblower revealed a massive-scale corruption network, from the late Branko Stefanovic, father of then-Minister of Internal Affairs, to those at the very

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Stevo Muk, Podgorica: A single brother and seven million

An efficient battle against corruption was not possible without changes in political structures, but what we still don't know is whether political changes are enough for great acts of anti-corruption. Stevo Muk When one says 'corruption', many things spring to mind for citizens of Montenegro. I would highlight the 'Limenka' case as it is the

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Eldin Karić, Sarajevo: The Dictionary of a Lost Year

When we look back, there are few things in the past 300 or so days which are worth the memory space. The bad took a turn for the worse. But, as there is always a silver lining, let’s try and be wiser, learn a thing or two. For a start, let us remember the five

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Belul Beqaj, Pristina: The political underground

How should we understand the appointment of the former head of the Anti-Corruption Task Force, that in the end it ends up in jail? How should we understand Hoti’s government’s tendency to disband the Task Force, at such times when corruption affairs and scandals are endless... Belul Beqaj As in many transitional places, the privatisation

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Lence Ristoska, Skopje: An octopus of high corruption

Given that the challenge of confronting high corruption involves facing powerful individuals who have a well-connected network of supporters and collaborators and who want to protect their own interests at all costs, it is more than necessary to act systematically and form a wider social front. Lence Ristoska High corruption is an international phenomenon that

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Dragoljub Draza Petrovic, Belgrade: Tito’s Balkan Shadows

We have a president who is so convinced he is just like Tito, that he became the greatest Titoist, not only in the Western Balkans, but in the Western Universe. Dragoljub Draza Petrovic It is highly likely that none of the ex-Yugoslav countries that haven’t joined the European Union will ever join the EU, only

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Brano Mandic, Podgorica: Bread and funerals

Rejoice, Montenegro, you have your own Willy Brandt, a representative who'd spent half of his political hagiography kneeling in monasteries, pecking at wheat on cementary marble, bravely surfing the wave of church protests, riding on the teak board which was blessed in the Ostrog monastery, where, by the way, the new government was fitted in.

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Altin Basha, Tirana: Humor vs Politics – dear enemies

Without any doubt it is possible that the politics buys, uses or requests humor, but this is possible only with the agreement of the artists, who by moving out of his rebellious nature accepts to become conformative. Altin Basha The history of humor is inextricably linked to politics. From the legendary creations of Aristophanes to

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Jeton Neziraj, Pristina: Conspiracy theories

According to some surveys, the pandemic had a negative impact for the patriots of this region. It lowered their adrenaline; it made them not express their passionate patriotic feelings. Jeton Neziraj According to IQAir, these days Pristina, Skopje, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Sofia and Zagreb seem to be the cities with highest air pollution in the world.

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