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Vicinities Chronicles are open to all those who wish to share their perspectives, open up dialogue, and discuss problems – those who wish to live in a better, more stable environment.
We will be publishing six weekly stories, from across the Western Balkans, with the aim to shed light on social, political and cultural realities, testifying to this moment in time.

Aleksandra Tomanic, Belgrade: Enlargement 2021- Captured states, captured Commission

With regard to EU enlargement, the citizens of the Western Balkans, but also many EU citizens, expect EU institutions and the member states to abandon hypocrisy.  Aleksandra Tomanic In 2018, the European Commission stated that across the Western Balkans, “the countries show clear elements of state capture”. An important assessment, long overdue. However, nothing happened

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Astrit Istrefi, Prishtina: The importance of negotiation processes for stability in the region

Examples across the region show that striking a deal is not the end but the beginning of a fundamental process. Astrit Istrefi There are numerous formal and informal negotiation/dialogue processes taking place among the various actors within and between the countries in the Western Balkans (WB). Among the ones in the process or recently concluded

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Borjan Jovanovski, Skopje: In EU’s jaws

Zaev is leaving and with this move he is making one last desperate maneuver in an attempt to attract the attention of the EU and remind them that, if the European Council in December again fails to deliver the promised start of negotiations, the pro-European energy of the Macedonian society may be irreversibly lost from

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Brano Mandic, Podgorica: Operation Mauritius

For Djukanovic, the situation is already becoming logically unsustainable. If this continues, his only chance is to fly off, somewhere far away… Brano Mandic Everything else aside, I can't quite grasp how, after thirty years, Milo Djukanovic manages to have people believe him on his words alone. Half a year ago, the cabinet of the

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Dzevdet Tuzlic, Sarajevo: The back-up homeland and other things

Some other lands, beyond the borders of their age-old hearths and ancestral spaces have become more important to them. A kind of enigma is unfolding these days. In order to resolve the crisis in BiH, apparently, a tripartite meeting of leaders of Croatia, Serbia and Turkey is being offered.  Dzevdet Tuzlic Banja Luka high schoolers

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Zylyftar Bregu, Tirana: Justice Reform

The whole process that lingers, except the discussion of the legal and political bed through which it has passed, is sure to have undermined the main purpose for which it was undertaken; restoring public confidence in justice.  Dr. Zylyftar Bregu In July 2016, the Albanian Parliament voted unanimously with 140 votes to start the Justice

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Sasa Scekic, Podgorica: The ‘short circuit’ syndrome

Ways in which recent power outages across Montenegro have drawn attention to the importance of information security. Sasa Scekic When a recent breakdown of the electricity network caused a power outage throughout Montenegro, the eHealth portal became inaccessible. It was impossible to schedule a doctor's appointment online, access medical test results, or download the COVID

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Mitko Bogdanoski, Skopje: How to build a resilient cyber society

What can help achieve a resilient cyber society is designing a framework that incorporates a set of features that will help leaders, governing bodies and officials understand what cyber resilience is and how it can be achieved. Dr. Mitko Bogdanoski The global pandemic has only shown the justification for the investment of large IT corporations

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Arben Murtezic, Sarajevo: Computer security – a concern in happier countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have a national computer security strategy, nor a national emergency team (CERT), both of which are staples in this area in almost every country.   Arben Murtezic In developed and happy societies, there is almost no other subject that captures the attention of the general and professional public more than is

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Sofija Todorovic, Belgrade: The gender dimension of digital violence

Reality as we know it sees women unprotected, with its misogynistic practices and patriarchal norms, and this is clearly reflected in the digital world and the patterns of behavior we observe online. Sofija Todorovic Online violence has a gender dimension, which is becoming more visible as the number of victims grows. Ahead of November 25,

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