Zvezdana Kovac: Encouraging, rather than toppling, one another

It would be great to hear the words ‘we were wrong’ without any irony; to open up a dialogue that isn’t falsified; to be united in values, while preserving different points of view. That is what we wish for in the New Year 2021, as well as, of course, good health and life without masks

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Voja Zanetic: Joke material

The real ‘material’, the genuine foundation of humour, are the people who are still strong enough to find everything comical. Laughter defending the spirit is the foundation of all our humour. In the vicinity, and elsewhere. Voja Zanetic ‘Now you’ve got so much material!’ Those who aren’t involved with humour and satire, or those who

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Zoran Kesic: The statistics of our silence

I ask the statisticians to count Us. To count how many of Us have kept silent all these years, encouraging Him to think of us as allies, disabling Her from crying for help. Those are the stats I am interested in. Zoran Kesic It would be easy to find the statistics on the number of

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Freedom for the sake of health

Healthcare workers have also unwittingly and more so unwillingly become the last line of defence for that same society which for decades invested just enough into healthcare - just enough to win the election and prevent a revolution; much like  everything else considered 'unprofitable'. Writen by: Voja Zanetic There are at least three basic freedom

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And where was your granddad in ‘41?

There are three possible answers: a) tell the truth – that neither of my grandfathers were in the war, they were taking care of their families, and have successfully stayed out of trouble, b) lie, and say my granddad was a Partisan, c) place a traditional hat on his head, complete with a kokarda pin,

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Voja Žanetić: Pollution, preservation, and the vicinity – We’re sorry, kids

Let’s not kid ourselves: civilization today is one great smooth, institutionalised theft. We’ve pillaged, we’ve enslaved, we’ve stolen, taken without asking, borrowed without returning, materially raped… it isn’t easy to find the right words for what we have done to future generations regarding the environment, the temperature, water, air. The vicinity. Voja Žanetić This

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Testimony to the times we live in

Towards better understanding, respecting the Other, and implied respect of the rule of law - towards everything that will make us part of the democratic world. It is time for democratic institutions to become tradition, rather than the goal we are slowly and clumsily pursuing. In honouring the tradition of the Vicinities TV dialogue,

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