Zoran Kesic: Cyber – Zika’s Dynasty

All my cyber wars are purely defensive. Now, if sometimes we slightly overdo the necessary defense, God shall forgive – weaponizing the keyboard means accepting to die from the keyboard. Zoran Kesic I am a frequent victim of cyber-attacks. After my cyber defense, however, these cyber attackers mostly become my cyber victims. I eat them

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Voja Zanetic: Red carpets, digital and other

The advertising blocks of our lives are becoming unbearably long, leaving no room for anything else - almost none for life itself  Voja Zanetic One of my favorite institutions of our social life is the red carpet. Film and media stars walk down, separated from journalists, photographers and screaming fans by pillars and a thick

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Zoran Kesic: Who is overseeing the overseers?

It is no secret that the President of Serbia starts his mornings by checking the ratings and shares of television shows, in order to prevent any possible indication of deviation from the controlled and anesthetized state of the public. Zoran Kesic My stomach turns at human rights defenders crying out against states, governments and their

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Voja Zanetic: An entrepreneurial wonder

A successful entrepreneur in our vicinity is the greatest miracle of all. He inhabits a post-socialist transitional culture that has created the expressions "he’s figured it out" and "what does he care", which are verbalized admirations for "easy money". Voja Zanetic Perhaps the oldest joke of the modern world is the one about how Rockefeller

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Zoran Kesic: A beautiful day for traitors of the profession

We can only talk about the division to those who still believe in the task of journalism and those who consciously, and for lucrative reasons, gave up their profession and mutated from journalists into PRs, readers of statements and government spokespersons. Zoran Kesic Today we are joined by our colleague Milan Jovanovic, journalist of the

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Voja Zanetic: On food and other ‘consumptions’

What we eat is compatible with what we read and listen to, how we dress, where we move and go out, and recently - with what media we consume.  Voja Zanetic Breakfast food is the best food and the best breakfast is hotel breakfast. Back in the day, when there was more time and more

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Voja Zanetic: A fist fight, impotence, and the injection

A mathematical "paradox" of the epidemic is, namely, that not only those who ignore it suffer, but everyone does. And the paradox grows where collective epidemiological protection is on the same level as everything else that is collective: property, equality, justice, security, education, empathy - everything but collective madness and hysteria. Voja Zanetic When was

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Zoran Kesic: War for peace

Love is right. Openness is right. Imagination is right. Empathy is right. The future is right, because no one is going to live in the past after all, neither us nor our hated enemies.  Zoran Kesic I fear that waging war is human nature, and that education, technological advances, medical development, the discovery of car

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