Zoran Kesic: The friend

My friend saw and heard all sorts of things, he's a daily witness to  corruption, theft, blackmail, mobbing, fraud, embezzlement, manipulation...   And he's not the only one. Zoran Kesic He's asked me to remain anonymous, and be presented to the public as a friend, without any further details of our 'friendship'. He is concerned for

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Voja Zanetic: Play-on-words

Firstly, it would be good to know what is (all) considered 'just'. Secondly, thirdly, fourthly, it would be good to have creators of valid laws, those who will implement them properly, and those who will respect them properly. Life, however, offers different solutions. Voja Zanetic Every once in a while there comes a time to

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Zoran Kesic: Anti-vaxxers, roll up your sleeves

I have had a personal and professional need for years to annoy bastards. Even today, more than ever, I feel the need to make it clear to them how much I despise everything related to this global movement of spreading nonsense. Zoran Kesic Knowing that the lying anti-vaccine vermin cannot wait to maliciously enjoy my

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Voja Zanetic: You have got to (not) be kidding me

A serious day is seriously needed. Urgently. And I have got to not be joking when I say this, regardless of April Fools. Voja Zanetic Led by the continuing need to prevent a decline in economic activity while  enabling a decline in the number of the newly infected, the Crisis Committee has decided that, unlike

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Zoran Kesic: Holy grail of rule of law

Way back when Ceca was still a Velickovic and Vuk Draskovic was in the opposition, I realised that rule of law is something like the Holy Grail that you have to fight for, search for and believe it exists, no matter how many times reality proves you are on an impossible mission. Zoran Kesic  Some

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Voja Žanetić: Welcome to the 21st Century

The media? Funding? Control? Welcome to the age in which social networks issue a ban on public typing on a phone keyboard to none other than the American President. Voja Žanetić We should all agree on one thing: the media no longer exist. At least not what we've previously considered to be media. Let's call

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Zoran Kesic: My traditional enemies

Maybe this animosity has finally reached its expiration date. It went out of fashion, it got stale. You should have just asked Split and Novi Sad, Sarajevo and Ljubljana, Belgrade and Rijeka, Zagreb and Skopje the other day. Zoran Kesic I am a Serb. My traditional friends are Russians and Greeks. Russians, because they've always

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Voja Zanetić: Thereandthen Tours

Let's summer there and then, when we could do so without fear; or let's vacation there and then once we are able to without fear. Let's travel to Normality, because that’s definitely not where we are Here and Now. Voja Zanetic If we could place an online order for sea and beach delivery, tourism would’ve

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Zoran Kesić: Chipped and sold

 Vaccines are evil. I’ve sold my soul to Vucic. Corona doesn’t exist. I’ve been chipped. Trump is great. The Deep State is pulling all the strings. Pedophiles are ruling the world. And Satanists… Zoran Kesic Vaccines are evil. I’ve sold my soul to Vucic. Corona doesn’t exist. I’ve been chipped. Trump is great. The Deep

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Voja Zanetic: Vaccinating education

The primary function of education during Covid seems to be - an indicator of ’lockdown’ gravity, a sort of normality metric. School’s on, the epidemic is fine; the epidemic is back, school is cancelled... and so on. If education were a switch, it would have broken by now. Voja Zanetic Allow me to begin the

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