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Discriminatory electoral legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dervo Sejdic, esteemed Roma rights activist, took his fight for more just electoral legislation to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg. Despite the Appeal Court's decision from 11 years ago, urging BiH to reconcile its Constitution with the European Human Rights Convention, only members of 'constituent peoples' are able to run for president or member

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The Belgrade-Prishtina dialogue

Brussels expects the new Kosovo government to enter a dialogue with Serbia as soon as possible. Political scientist from North Mitrovica, Ognjen Gogic, explains who 'profits' from this decade long process and whether the EU is, in fact, ready to solve misunderstandings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNs43GHK9aU

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Vladimir Medjak, Belgrade: A long journey to Europe, model 2021

Maybe the service on the train is not the best, and the train may be late, but we are still standing at the same station as we did 30 years ago, believing that the departing train will fall apart and that ‘the Serb will outwit all the others at the end of the joke.’ Vladimir

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Ljupcho Petkovski, Skopje: Is real democracy possible in the Balkans?

North Macedonia and Bosnia and Hercegovina are countries born captive - both are children of peace agreements (Dayton and Ohrid), in which ethnic elites (the inner circle of the model shown below) have incorporated their interests - to be able to control both money and the hearts and minds of the people. Ljupcho Petkovski This

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Elvir Bucalo, Sarajevo: Misconceptions and hopes on the journey to Brussels

We would easily forget about EU integrations, but they are too close, the image and the difference in the treatment of them and us is too clear. And it concerns us too much... Although there is not much that concerns us. Elvir Bucalo I'll tell you a story I heard: once, the Czech ambassador was

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Jovana Marovic, Kotor: EU membership, a long way away

Unquestionably, Montenegro must stop being its own captor on this long and painful journey.  Jovana Marovic Montenegro is at the top of the list of countries wanting to become members of the European Union. In 2012, the state began membership negotiations, opened all negotiating chapters and fulfilled at least some of the conditions related to

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