Marija Jovanovic: Only life can tell the tale

Marija Jovanovic is one of the coordinators in the Spectra association, and she talks about the campaign 'Only life can tell the tale', produced to mark the Transgender Day of Rememberance. They wanted to honour each of 350 murdered transgender individual in 2020, as well as many transgender people whose deaths remain undocumented. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Elnm5JCyCQM

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Forum for Interculturalism – All Our Stories

This is the seventh film in a series of short documentaries within the project "Forum for Interculturalism - All Our Stories" of the Center for Intercultural Communication, which was realized with the support of the Foundation for Open Society. The author of the film is Brajan Brkovic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4hBtnB2Cc0

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Dragoljub Draza Petrovic, Belgrade: Tito’s Balkan Shadows

We have a president who is so convinced he is just like Tito, that he became the greatest Titoist, not only in the Western Balkans, but in the Western Universe. Dragoljub Draza Petrovic It is highly likely that none of the ex-Yugoslav countries that haven’t joined the European Union will ever join the EU, only

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Brano Mandic, Podgorica: Bread and funerals

Rejoice, Montenegro, you have your own Willy Brandt, a representative who'd spent half of his political hagiography kneeling in monasteries, pecking at wheat on cementary marble, bravely surfing the wave of church protests, riding on the teak board which was blessed in the Ostrog monastery, where, by the way, the new government was fitted in.

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Altin Basha, Tirana: Humor vs Politics – dear enemies

Without any doubt it is possible that the politics buys, uses or requests humor, but this is possible only with the agreement of the artists, who by moving out of his rebellious nature accepts to become conformative. Altin Basha The history of humor is inextricably linked to politics. From the legendary creations of Aristophanes to

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Jeton Neziraj, Pristina: Conspiracy theories

According to some surveys, the pandemic had a negative impact for the patriots of this region. It lowered their adrenaline; it made them not express their passionate patriotic feelings. Jeton Neziraj According to IQAir, these days Pristina, Skopje, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Sofia and Zagreb seem to be the cities with highest air pollution in the world.

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Branko Trickovski, Skopje: A drunken nation

Bulgarian minister of defence stated that Macedonians are a drunken nation, or rather, a nation of drunk Bulgarians. And they won’t let us into the European Union until we sober up. Branko Trickovski As it stands, this Covid-19 won’t leave any bishops to bring about autocephaly.  Over in Northern Macedonia, we are terrified. We’re shaking

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Nenad Velickovic, Sarajevo: Photoshopping our way into post-election depression

It's just difficult to believe in this better future until we see better people who will take us there. We will all agree that a man is better if his ears don't stick out, if his nose doesn't take up half his face, if his forehead is smaller than his eyebrows, and his lips aren't

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Voja Zanetic: Joke material

The real ‘material’, the genuine foundation of humour, are the people who are still strong enough to find everything comical. Laughter defending the spirit is the foundation of all our humour. In the vicinity, and elsewhere. Voja Zanetic ‘Now you’ve got so much material!’ Those who aren’t involved with humour and satire, or those who

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