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Zija Dizdarevic, Sarajevo: A country in waiting

September 21st, 2021|0 Comments

BiH peace today can be defined as 'peacetime warfare' with an uncertain conclusion. Political events in neighbouring countries have fundamentally damaged, and remain permanently important to, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zija Dizdarevic The word peace has

Miroslav Kevezdi, Novi Sad: The battlefield expands

September 21st, 2021|0 Comments

There is no peace when political dissidents are physically attacked; when death threats arrive and when family members are threatened, when there are ultimatums about staying employed; when  messages like 'Either you love our flag

The Voice of Vicinity

Turn on your cameras and document stories worth hearing, yours or from your vicinity.

Congrats to Bosniak community as they mark their community day today. Through their traditions &cultural heritage they contribute greatly to Kosovo’s rich multicultural society.  @EUKosovo will continue supporting Bosniaks & other communities in Kosovo.

European Union Kosovo@EUKosovo

1st time ever in #Albania: The Special Appeal Court confirms an earlier decision that sentenced former Prosecutor General, Adriatik Llalla to 2 years in prison. #justicereform

Celik Rruplli@Celikso

Ковид-19: Вакцините не се експериментални, вирусот не се лекува „лесно” и СОРОС не е производител на вакцините


Vakcinacija pomogla, da lakše prebolimo! Vi donesite svoj zaključak, a ja sam ovo iskreno napisao, jer može nekome da koristi! Sada sam na planini i osećam još posledice kovida, ali se osećam dobro! Želim brz oporavak svima koji, obole!

Pozdrav od Galeta

Gačić Radivoj@gacicradivoj1

Vakcinacija kroz sojeve

Vuhanski – Vakcinišite se da dodjemo do kolektivnog imuniteta.

Britanski – Vakcinišite se da se ne biste zarazili.

Indijski – Vakcinišite se da nemate težu sliku

Kolumbijski – Vakcinišite se da ne umrete

Nigerijski – Vakcinišite se da vam ne umru deca

Drug Baćko@SvetolikPopadic,