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Healthcare workers have also unwittingly and more so unwillingly become the last line of defence for that same society which for decades invested just enough into healthcare – just enough to win the election and prevent a revolution; much like  everything else considered ‘unprofitable’.

All the president’s tests

November 18th, 2020|0 Comments

The President has been tested for Covid-19  34 times since the start of the pandemic. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Us doctors can only silently watch this ship drift off in the wrong direction. We

The Corona Palimpsest

November 18th, 2020|0 Comments

Crisis overlap. The vaccine is expected the same as the cold water is expected in the heat of the summer. It will stop the virus, but what will do with the corruption, with political abstinence,

Pandemic controversies

November 18th, 2020|0 Comments

The Public Health Institute (PHI) has spent over 240 thousand euros on Covid sample testing in Germany, which would have been enough to procure the necessary equipment to significantly increase testing capabilities in Montenegro and

When politics dictates the measures

November 18th, 2020|0 Comments

The ‘fever’ was exacerbated by controversial circumstances around ventilator procurement in Sarajevo, the Covid hospital in Banja Luka, resignations within the Crisis Management Committee in the Sarajevo canton… And despite all the difficulties, new healthcare

Pandemic – truth or lie

November 18th, 2020|0 Comments

The Economist in March 2020 found that 13% of Americans thought the Covid-19 crisis was a hoax, and a large 49% thought the epidemic could be artificial. Writen by:  Dr. Kalina Grivceva Stardelova As a

We will never be the same

November 18th, 2020|0 Comments

The stage setting on our global ship is quickly shifting, and we have no clear coordinates. We are simply sailing, and trying to save the ship. Rules and limitations change every day, while the storm

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Za tri dana će pričati kako nas Pfizer moli da uzmemo njihove vakcine. Njemu je najteže… Mora da bira.

Sajam Ludaka @Srbija BoraKonj

– Otvorili smo 105.000 radnih mjesta! – Oprostite, predsjedniče, malo ste pomiješali podatke – 105.000 smo plaćali neupotrebljive respiratore po komadu.

Adis Nadarević @Ridjobrki

Sa Lovćena vila kliče stavi masku nesrećniče

Zverko @Zverko

Македонија е Шведска маса на Балканот

Миле Паника @Mile_Panika

Vazhdon rritja e të prekurve me #Covid_19 ne 🇦🇱, vazhdon rritja e #fakenews studimi me i fundit i
46% e #disinformation nga punonjes te administrates. E vetmja mënyre lexoni burime te besueshme #StaySafe #respektonirregullat

Arber Hitaj @ArberHitaj

U qova me njefar qefi me shku ne shkolle! Por puna moshes po get u desht me nejt ne shpi… Miremengjes krejtve.

Fatmir Spahiu @FatmirSpahiu