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The negotiations process with the EU is very demanding. Non-state actors have to be prepared to take an active and dynamic role in all of its stages. The seat on the table should be taken and acknowledged on the merits.
EM Albania@EMAlbania
Sarajevo’s death toll/infection rate these past months should force difficult questions onto our politicians – and onto us as citizens, too – about how Bosnia deals with crises in the future.
Aleksandar Brezar@brezaleksandar
The whole of the #WesternBalkans is on the edge of #ecocalypse. Air pollution is shortening our life span up to 1.3 years on average, floating landfills are clogging our rivers, and small hydro powerplants destroying natural habitat. The environment and our lives are at stake.
Samir Beharić@SamBeharic
Svaki dan je Dan Posle…  Eto od čega nam se sastoji Budućnost.
Една година живот у Македонија е како 7 човечки…