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Vicinities Chronicles are open to all those who wish to share their perspectives, open up dialogue, and discuss problems – those who wish to live in a better, more stable environment.
We will be publishing six weekly stories, from across the Western Balkans, with the aim to shed light on social, political and cultural realities, testifying to this moment in time.

Nikola Burazer, Belgrade: The media – an obstacle or an opportunity for regional unity?

The media scene in the Western Balkans is a very important factor which will influence whether the people in our region perceive each other as enemies and threats, or whether we will leave this discourse behind. Nikola Burazer Although the Western Balkans are often referred to as a unique space, the reality is our awareness

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Metodija Stojceski, Krusevo: From strong sympathies to strong hatred

Do people in the region know each other well enough, are those strong emotions based on personal experiences, or are they a reflection of: the daily political narrative, the historical events or the media representation of the others? Dr Metodija Stojceski If we sum the population of all countries in the region, we would get a

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Nedjeljko Rudovic, Podgorica: Hey Slavs, get a grip

With a few regional TV channels lighting up the darkness, at least one significant news portal in each of the countries in the region, and with an army of those who want to reach Europe by staying right at home, we will emerge victorious in the war for normality. Nedjeljko Rudovic Whenever we go mad

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Dzevdet Tuzlic: Really – you and I – what are we the sum of?

What are we the sum of in these new geo-political circumstances? How much does the media cross these new boundaries? How intrigued are they by the new particular realities?  Dzevdet Tuzlic Tito, Andric, Krleza, Selimovic, Copic, Konstantinovic, Mesic, Djajic, Osim, Sekularac, Susic, Cerar, Monica Seles, Lepa Brena, Ekaterina Velika, Bijelo Dugme, Parni valjak, Leb i

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Zylyftar Bregu, Tirana: The barriers for the exchange of information

BIRN is one of the news agencies that has offices in the whole region. The project “Vicinity” is different from BIRN, but it has a huge benefit because of the the lack of communication between different ethnic communities in the region. Dr Zylyftar Bregu In a monitoring conducted by the Department of Journalism and Communications

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Bekim Blakaj, Prishtina: Like we live on different continents

The interest to get informed about the neighboring countries is almost non-existent, especially among younger generations. As a consequence of the lack of information, the citizens of Balkan countries have prejudices for the other neighboring countries and their citizens. Bekim Blakaj In order to maintain good neighborly relations, it is very important to establish cooperation

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Albana Mucaj, Tirana: The hero among us

Arjan Sala, now is the hero that we all needed. We needed someone to light our path in social responsibility. Albana Mucaj For three days, the photograph of Arjan Sala looking straight into our eyes has moved us all. This employee of a private security company was trapped among the flames that engulfed the warehouse

2021-04-20T21:52:23+00:00April 20th, 2021|Vicinities chronicles|0 Comments

Nikoleta Kosovac, Belgrade: Locked-up social housing and shelters

The 'new normal' for those who live in social housing means that even today, one year since the start of the pandemic, they aren't able to move beyond the small backyard of the institution they are in. Nikoleta Kosovac That September morning, I woke up to a message from social workers from the Liceulice organisation,

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Meri Jordanovska, Skopje: Kosmonautko

Both Jankuloski and Panovski are heroes in this stormy time in Macedonia. They both have different approaches, but the goal comes from their soul - to help people in need and to give them positive energy. Meri Jordanovska They both have different approaches and different expertise, but their goal is the same - to help

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Edina Kamenica, Sarajevo: The man who brought twenty centuries together

Kamhi's passing almost brought the passing of Judaeo-Spanish, in which he sang Sephardic songs. Whenever I listen to them from now on, I will see his smiling face. Edina Kamenica I always trusted my own deepest intuition, which simply made me go to a lecture by the retired professor at the Academy of Music, David

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