Zoran Kesic: War for peace

Love is right. Openness is right. Imagination is right. Empathy is right. The future is right, because no one is going to live in the past after all, neither us nor our hated enemies.  Zoran Kesic I fear that waging war is human nature, and that education, technological advances, medical development, the discovery of car

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Voja Zanetic: A tale of State and God

There is no International Church Fund, World Church, or a Church Union - the Church answers only to God, and he, as is well known, very rarely sends his special envoys for inspection. Voja Zanetic For a start, and for the needs of this subject and this column, it's worth comparing two groups of people:

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Zvezdana Kovac: Twitter account suspension of the „Vicinity“ project

In the countries of the region, critical tones are being stifled, the media space is narrowed and difficult to establish. Abolishing the right to this space, accessible to all, is a devastating act, but it will not discourage us. Zvezdana Kovač  We would like to inform you that the Twitter account of the Vicinity portal

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Zoran Kesic: How to become Nothing (at the example of Ana Brnabic)

And truly, Ana Brnabic gave the impression of a modern and capable young woman, someone who could bring new energy, expertise, determination, and even courage into the stale backwater of Serbian government. Zoran Kesic It is completely irrelevant whether a politician is male or female if they are a moral, professional, capable person, ie. someone

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Voja Žanetić: A guide to ‘Ubi bene, Ibi patria’

Twenty five (25) + reasons young people leave Voja Zanetic   Because their destination has a work force deficit, especially of educated individuals, so why wouldn't they make up for this with people from a place where there is a surplus; what's more, you get a few hundreds of thousands of euros of educational value

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Zoran Kesic: How a Roma who was named after my father saved my leg from being bitten off by puppies

It would be convenient if I had a story about a time I saved a child from being attacked by a pack of raging dogs... but alas... I never saved anyone's leg. Zoran Kesic There is a Roma who was named after my father. He is only one year older than me and he lives

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Voja Zanetic: Safe travels to us!

Let's take a break and relax this (brief) summer, and whatever happens in the autumn, happens. What needs be will be, we just need to see a bit of sea. Voja Zanetic In the wasteland of our digital existence we come across the following astute leftist thought: yearly vacations and tourism are primarily sly capitalist

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Zoran Kesic: On guys and guys

Those who thought that Ana Brnabic becoming Prime Minister would improve the position of the LGBT community was very, very wrong. Zoran Kesic The official beginning of homosexuality in Yugoslavia is usually considered be 1984, when Steven revealed to his father Blake Carrington that he prefers guys to girls. Mr. Carrington took it very hard,

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Zoran Kesic: Let’s get better!

Recreationals will always find a way, but let's not make the sick have to find a way. Help to the sick should be the default! So let's legalise marijuana. Zoran Kesić Before I expose myself to public prosecution of the Straight Men Society, before the Council of Proper Behaviour, Altruists' Society and the tabloids crucify

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